I'm going to ask what I admit is a bit of a rhetorical question. Why did a huge sinkhole suddenly appear in the woods of Missouri? I have no idea, but I do have video proof that it happened.

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There's brand new video just shared today of what appears to be a massive sinkhole that just opened up somewhere in Missouri and I have so many questions and not nearly enough answers.

I enjoy YouTube shorts, but I hate the fact that they many times don't provide specific information I need to know. Other than the hashtag of #Missouri, I have no idea where in the state this was found other than it also mentions "forest". This is not a tiny hole in the ground.

If I were a true conspiracy theorist, I'd probably connect this to the weird Missouri earthquakes recently and the mini-swarm of 8 that shook the state just last week. Instead, let's just ask the question of why sinkholes form. The state of Missouri has answers.

In case you didn't know, Missouri has more than 16,000 sinkholes. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources says that sinkholes  are "depressed or collapsed areas formed by dissolution of carbonate bedrock or collapse of underlying caves". In the video, there are no cave openings visible, but that doesn't mean the ground underneath isn't responsible.

The simple truth is sinkholes are very common in Missouri and happen all the time which means you need to understand that the ground you're currently walking on may very well be temporary.

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