I suspected this was happening, but now I can prove it with science. Illinois is under an invasion from the east. Probably a zillion Hoosiers are choosing to call the Land of Lincoln home and that's only a slight exaggeration.

Just so you know, this is not a fingers and toes count that I did. There are 13,792 people from Indiana that moved to Illinois in just one year and that's according to 24/7 Wall St. No, not a zillion, but it feels like a zillion.

That makes Illinois the number one destination of former Indiana people compared to any other state in America. The reasons why should be obvious.

#1 - Moving to Illinois requires the least effort for an Indiana person.

#2 - Moving to Illinois is considered an improvement with the possible exception of Danville

#3 - Really, it doesn't make much sense to leave Indiana for Illinois now that I think about it.

I think #1 is key to the Indiana exodus as Hoosiers chose states next to Indiana more than any other part of America. I love my Indiana friends, but lack of effort is really a big thing.

Oh, by the way, Indiana people invading Illinois has been a big deal for the past several years, too as evidenced by this report from an Indianapolis TV station 6 years ago.

If you're in Indiana right now and considering a move to Illinois, here is an interesting video shared by my friend Nick Johnson of Roadsnacks fame. He gets a lot right about what you can expect.

Don't misunderstand, Indiana people. I think David Letterman was funny and I cheered for the Pacers once. I think Hoosier land is fine. I just find it peculiar that so many are leaving to come to Illinois. That is all.

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