Not all heroes wear capes. Some just happen to have wire cutters like a heroic Kansas City area man who saved a coyote who was hopelessly stuck in a fence row.

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According to the video description, this happened in one of the rare rural areas just south of the Kansas City area. Prepare to ask yourself how in the heck fire this coyote got himself into such a mess. Spoiler Alert - the coyote (and man) end up just fine. Sort of.

If you watched until the end, you'll see that the coyote did not seem to appreciate the brave effort of the man with the wire cutters.

ViralHog via YouTube
ViralHog via YouTube

The man even got nipped a bit by the angry coyote, but the animal was in distress, so I'll cut it some slack (from a distance).

Considering the fact that the man could have just let nature take its course, it's heroic in my opinion that he took the time to cut the poor animal free. He was taking his health into his hands a bit as the coyote could have been diseased and was definitely in pain. You don't want to be on the biting end of an animal in danger.

Good for him that he freed the coyote so it could get back to doing coyote things. There was no mention if an Acme rocket was found nearby though.

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