The armadillos are coming. The armadillos are coming. Actually, they're already here and there's evidence they may be mounting an effort to take over Missouri. I'll present my case as to why I am convinced this is the case.

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I saw this report by Fox 2 out of St. Louis involving the increase of armadillo presence specifically in St. Louis. That's just the beginning though.

They say that MoDOT is reporting that armadillos are meeting their end in increasing numbers in St. Louis, but if you look at the official armadillo map in Missouri (yes, there really is one), you'll see that these armored critters are now prevalent in the majority of the state.

Missouri Dept of Conservation
Missouri Dept of Conservation

They started in Texas (of course) and made their way northward into Missouri and are now seen even up near the Iowa border.

This little guy was spotted in Johnson County, Missouri. The armadillo plan to spread out and take over Missouri is working like a charm.

What do you do if you encounter an armadillo in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Conservation recommends not touching them, first of all. Armadillos are known carriers of leprosy even though there have yet to be any cases reported in Missouri.

If you're curious about what signs there might be an armadillo near you, their tracks are unique with the front feet having 4 toes while the back have 5. See that combination and you almost certainly have an armored critter nearby.

Could be pure coincidence that so many armadillos are being seen in Missouri now. Perhaps they're not trying to take over, but the evidence shows it really might be the case.

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