I have fully accepted that I was not born to understand everything, but I'm mystified about why there is a provable trend of people fleeing Florida for rural Missouri. There's real science and data to prove this is happening.

This first got my attention a few days ago when I saw a story by Business Insider about a Florida couple who decided they had enough and moved to rural Missouri. Surely they are an exception and not the rule, right? Wrong.

There's an entire Florida sub-Reddit devoted to why so many are leaving Florida specifically for Kansas City, Missouri. My favorite comment there was "Florida is fun with Disney and Universal and the beach. Kansas city Missouri doesn't have a beach or anything like that." How much research did they have to do before coming to that conclusion I ask?

Here's the real kicker. According to Stacker, more than 9,000 Florida residents moved to Missouri in just one year. 9,758 to be exact. Do they hate beaches and love humidity and cicadas? By the way, this data was corroborated by 24/7 Wall St, too.

My jaw dropped when I even found a Florida guy breaking down how affordable it was to move from the Sunshine State to the Show Me State.

I am not a political person, but I'm not naive either and I know there are many who don't like Florida's politics and prefer rural Missouri. I get it, but it's such a drastic lifestyle change I have a hard time imagining more than 9,000 (9,758 to be exact) have chosen it, but they have. Next time you see a moving truck with an orange on the license plate, you'll understand what's going on.

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