We haven't even started March in Missouri, but Farmer's Almanac is peering even further into the future with a prediction of big snow possible for the Show Me State in April...sort of.

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One nice thing about being Farmer's Almanac is you don't have to wait for actual computer models to forecast what the weather will do weeks down the road. They have just issued their forecast for Spring and Missouri's looks...interesting.

What does April hold for Missouri?

According to the Farmer's Almanac Spring 2024 forecast for the Midwest region (including Missouri), this is what we can expect. You might want to sit down for this.

Heavy Midwest storm sweeps east-northeast, produces snow to north, heavy showers, thunderstorms to south.

Overall, they see "many days of cold temperatures, with some possible late snow through much of April".

Here's where it gets interesting. Is Farmer's Almanac actually predicting snow in Missouri during the historic April 8, 2024 eclipse? 

Infographic, Farmer's Almanac
Infographic, Farmer's Almanac

They don't come out and say it, but they do show a map of eclipse totality regarding this forecast. Can you imagine thousands trudging through snow drifts to get a good view of the solar eclipse? Since this is Missouri, no possibilities can be ruled out.

Check out the full Farmer's Almanac Spring Forecast for more details on what weather may cascade down on Missouri over the next couple months.

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