As the world moves closer to the brink of a potential all-out conflict, there are rumors that the Israeli military is about to retaliate against Iran after missile and drone attacks over the weekend. Curiously, 2 US Air Force 'doomsday planes' took flight over Missouri on Monday just in case.

If you're somehow not family the US military's fleet of Boeing 737 E-4B 'doomsday planes' are command and control centers that are part of the continuation of government plan in the event of a cataclysm or surprise nuclear attack which is how they gained their nickname.

Immediately after Iran attacked Israel with missiles and drones over the weekend, one of the 'doomsday planes' went rogue over Missouri by turning off its transponder according to radar images.

Now, as rumors heat up that there is an imminent attack being planned by Israel against Iran, two more 'doomsday planes' took flight over Missouri Monday afternoon as spotted by NY Prepper on YouTube.

NY Prepper via YouTube
NY Prepper via YouTube

You can see that one of the planes (Code name VEXED72) seemed to circle southeastern Nebraska before heading due south over Missouri which makes sense since it took off from Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. The other (Code name REFIX89) was spotted traveling west over Missouri likely headed toward Offutt.

Is this renewed activity more evidence that an Israeli strike against Iran is imminent? There's no way to know for sure, but it's not surprising that the United States is taking no chances in the event that a Mideast conflict blows up into a wider war which is the concern of many leaders reportedly. Bloomberg is reporting that it's a "race to avert an all-out war". It's obvious with all the 'doomsday plane' activity over Missouri that this concern is all too real.

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Gallery Credit: Atlas Survival Shelters via YouTube

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