As I was walking through our Missouri neighborhood the other day enjoying the mild weather, I noticed several things about the trees. Number one is many are already budding. Number two is there are big balls of leaves everywhere. In case you didn't know, those aren't for birds.

Like most places in Missouri, our neighborhood does have a lot of birds and therefore, bird nests. There are other nests though that are much larger than the birdies have.


The big ball of leaves are for Missouri squirrels who are very active during March. Perky Pets mentions that this is the time of the year when female squirrels are busying raising young ones which mean you likely will see much more activity in and around these nests. One thing they mentioned that I didn't know was that squirrels in Missouri normally nest solo. During the winter months, they'll "get together" in the nests to stay warm and (*ahem*)...make more squirrels.

It's during Spring and late summer when the Missouri big ball of leaves squirrel nests seem the most active as the Spring means young squirrels and the late summer/early Fall is preparation for the cold weather months.

If you think you're busy, you should see the schedule of Missouri squirrels. Never a dull moment.

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