There's a surprising amount of science being applied to dirt or at least the cities that exhibit dirt better worse than other places in America. 3 Missouri locations were just honored shamed by being named among the dirtiest places in the United States.

The website Lawnstarter is famous for their annual dirtiest cities in America list. Even though it says these are the dirtiest cities for 2023, it was just updated to the new 2024 version a couple weeks ago.

The "science" they used to come up with this list is interesting as they factored in the following:

  • Pollution
  • Living Conditions
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer Satisfaction

I'm not sure what "satisfaction" consumers are supposed to get out of dirt, but that's just me wondering out loud. With all the numbers crunched, 3 Missouri places ended up in the top 100 and a couple in the top 50:

Is it wrong that I was disappointed that Saint Louis was only 92nd? I figured with the pollution you commonly see hovering above the Gateway City that we'd ding the top 50 finally. Oh, well. There's always next year. New goal to shoot for.

I get that pollution is no laughing matter, but very little is being done to fix the situation so we might as well be gleeful in all this Missouri dirt. It's called making lemonade out of lemons.

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