Love ain't easy. That's a fact and it's never been truer especially for Missourians than it is right now as the state has jumped into the top 10 for broken relationships.

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Life is complicated and modern times are making hard for relationships. For some reason, Missouri has now leaped into the top 10 for divorce rates in America according to a new breakdown by Homesnacks. Here's a staggering number:

  • Missouri now has 373,849 divorced residents

That translates into 7.5% of all Missourians have gone through Splitsville. The map shared in the study shows how Missouri compares to other states. Red is my favorite color, but in this case, it's not what you want to see and Missouri is all red.

Infographic, Homesnacks
Infographic, Homesnacks

There are some interesting conclusions the Homesnacks article comes to. In general, states with those who have a higher education and consider themselves religious have lower divorce rates. Lower income areas seem to have higher divorce rates which completely makes sense to me. Nothing brings strife to a relationship quite like money struggles. #Truth 

While Missouri's divorce rate is awful at 7.5%, at least it's not West Virginia where almost 1 in 10 residents are now divorced. Remarkable and not in a good way.

I am surprised that Missouri's divorce rate is higher than Arkansas. I know some think I pick on Razorback fans (and admittedly I do), but my perception is their rate would be higher than Missouri. Not afraid to admit when I'm wrong which I am in this case.

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