I am not a person that is anti-California, but I'm normally not in favor of making Missouri into what California has become either. That being said, I do think that Missouri needs to follow the Golden State's lead on one specific law that has just been put into place this year.

If you look at the official state of California governor's website, you'll see a number of new laws that just went into effect in 2024. Among them is one specific one that needs to be brought to Missouri as soon as possible.

The law I'm referring to was created by California state senator Shannon Grove. It's name is SB 14 and I'll summarize what it accomplishes.

It makes human trafficking a much more serious offense and now counts as one strike in the three strikes and you're out law.

Human trafficking has become an enormous problem in Missouri partly due to the fact that the state is located in the middle of the country and has become what many believe to be a hub for the evil people that victimized more than 327 in Missouri according to the official state website.

The Human Trafficking Hotline implies that the problem in Missouri is even larger than previously thought. Their data says they received more than 1,100 "signals" from Missouri and at least 355 of those were believed to come from victims or survivors.

If I had my way, I'd make any crime that hurts children in this serious way a capital offense, but that's just me talking.

There are many in Missouri that would love to see the state make human trafficking punishments more severe. Perhaps this is the one time when following California's lead on an issue would be a good thing.

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