I've heard this theory mentioned over the years, but have never really given any credence to it - until now. Could it be possible there really is a secret underground network of tunnels under Missouri that's part of a nationwide plan. One new map share says yes.

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I can't place where I first saw this map shared, but it dates back to the 1970's allegedly. It was just shared only a few days ago by a Facebook page. Here's the short version of the theory:

  • The government has a secret network of tunnels under many parts of America
  • These tunnels are used to move classified materials and/or people
  • The tunnels under Missouri are part of a network that connect to locations under Denver International Airport and other hubs of transportation

See for yourself the rough map that was just shared on Facebook.

I'm not the only one wondering about the validity of this theory. Even The History Channel did an entire episode on the possibility of a secret network of tunnels under Missouri and many parts of America. Popular Mechanics also did an interesting story about strange military bases that appear connected to an underground tunnel system and bunkers.

There are many that include this theory along with the belief that a group of elites are planning our demise and will use this underground tunnel system for transportation and storage of supplies so they can survive a future apocalypse. I won't go that far down the rabbit hole (figuratively speaking), but I do believe where there's smoke, there's at least some fire. Something strange may very well exist under our feet in Missouri.

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Gallery Credit: 20th Century Castles/Missile Bases.com

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