I'd like to go ahead and apologize to all of my California friends. This is not meant to be a slam of those who call the Golden State home. However, there are a large number of west coasters who are moving to Missouri and I need to warn them that they're in for a big shock.

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I saw this interesting study done by some Californians known as the Public Policy Institute of California. It's a breakdown of where Californians are moving to. Spoiler Alert - Lots of places not named California. Here's a handy map they made showing where those fleeing moving from California are going.

Infographic, Public Policy Institute of California
Infographic, Public Policy Institute of California

While Missouri isn't near the top of the list, a LOT of former Californians are deciding to call Missouri home especially the Kansas City area and some in the Ozarks. Here are some things a Californian needs to know about Missouri.

1. You're gonna be able to buy a lot of house compared to what you had in California

My Life Elsewhere estimates housing costs in Missouri are at least 14.5% less than California and that's being very conservative. If you're fleeing moving from the Los Angeles area especially, you can expect massive house savings.

2. Taxes are way lower in Missouri than California

Taxes are one of the main reasons I hear from California friends on why their neighbors are departing. Oh, and Missouri has tax-free weekends in August in preparation for the upcoming school year. Good luck finding that in Cali.

3. Natives may not respond in a positive way if you introduce yourself as a Californian

I am a big proponent of love thy neighbor even if their former state sucked. Every single California person I've ever known was kind and very easy going. The perception of many in the Show Me State is that the west coast invaders are coming to impose their politics on us. I know that's not the truth in most cases, but many I live near have that perception, so be warned.

4. Be prepared to mow your grass a lot

Did you enjoy that mild California climate where yards weren't a big deal? Forget that. Missouri heat means the grass grows fast and thick here. Embrace thy mower or else.

5. The best Missouri lake might just kill you

Does Lake of the Ozarks remind you of your favorite California beach places? Yeah, it's cool, but know that it's also the most dangerous lake in America. Almost every week of the summer results in a boating fatality of some sort. Oh, and we have lots of snakes in our lakes, too.

6. Missourians don't change our minds. Ever.

Think you can convince a Missourian to see your way of thinking in California? Guess again. Many of us here are from German and/or Irish heritage and we're as stubborn as the day is long. We are set in our ways and dang proud of it.

Don't let these warning dissuade you from coming to Missouri. You'll probably love it here and save a bunch of money compared to California. Just know you might be in for a culture shock as you adjust.

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