We all have our own opinions about when it's too early or too late to mow a lawn in Missouri, but what does the law say? That depends on who you ask and where you live, but there are regulations and best practices you can follow.

I saw this question asked on the St. Louis, Missouri sub-Reddit and also Quora. What time is too early or too late to mow your grass in Missouri? Did you know that Yahoo has different times and ordinances for just about every suburb in the St. Louis area?

In the city of St. Louis, they say you can mow from 7am until sunset. St. Louis County says that 7am until 10pm is the "OK to mow" time. Chesterfield, Missouri gives you the thumbs up on mowing from 7am until 6pm on weekdays and 7:30am to 5pm on weekends. I wonder why the early cutoff on weekends?

I also find it interesting that ritzy places like Town and Country, Missouri don't let you start mowing until 8am except on Sunday when it's 9am. Hey, the rich and famous in that part of Missouri need their beauty sleep.

My point to all of this is you need to check your local Missouri ordinances to know when is too early or too late to mow your grass. Everyone has an opinion, but most Missouri places do have rules to protect those of us that need our beauty sleep badly - myself included.

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