If Nate Smith's powerful voice didn't strike you during his first radio hit, it will throughout "World on Fire." The follow-up to "Whiskey on You" is a catchy, rock-inspired country heartbreaker that explores the singer's range.

Smith, Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips and Lindsay Rimes co-wrote "World on Fire." It's a breakup story that finds a man unable to get away from memories of this love gone wrong.

"You ruined everything I love / Ripped my heart right out my chest / Girl, it's like there ain't nothing left," he sings leading into the chorus.

The power of his Smith's voice through the "burn, burn, burns" only lets up to deliver a tender lyric at the bridge. There's a quiver before he powers back up to drive the song home. That contrast is what sets "World on Fire" apart from others on his Sony Music Nashville debut.

Listen To Nate Smith, "World on Fire":

Nate Smith, "World on Fire" Lyrics:

Girl, when you called it quits / You coulda done it right / You coulda left this town out of it / When you said goodbye / You ruined everything I love / Ripped my heart right out my chest / Girl, it's like there ain't nothing left.

You set my world on fire / Yeah, it's all long gone / I'm watching flames get higher / And I can't move on / I just gotta let it burn, burn, burn on down / Girl, without you it don't turn, turn, turn around / You set my world on fire / You set my world on fire.

Can't hit that corner bar / Can't even ride them roads / Don't know my way around this place / I can't see through the smoke / Piled up every memory / Yeah, you took the good with all the bad / Why'd you have to strike that match.

Repeat Chorus

Ain't nothing left for me / In this old nothing town / Guess all we'll be is ashes on the ground / So, I watch it burn, burn, burn on down / Ain't nothing I can hold on to right now.

Repeat Chorus

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