Spring is in the air! Literally it's the first day of spring. And it's also Illinois primary day for mid-term elections. The two are unrelated.The big ones that affect us here in District 18 are of course Governor, Attorney General, State Supreme Court and US House of Representatives.

The folks over at Ballotpedia have a good aggregate list of the races and candidates, with links to bios and external webpages so you can read about the candidates if you're unsure about anyone.

But say you've done your research, you're ready to go, but you don't know where to vote. That's OK, don't panic. The Adams County Clerk's office website has all the info you'd need. You can just go there, and if you know your precinct, you can click the polling places link, it will take you to a PDF list. If you don't know your precinct, click the link to find out if you're registered to vote. Even if you know you are registered, do it anyway, and fill out the info they ask for. It will confirm you're registered, and tell you where you go to vote. For Pike County, go to their website.

Missouri, your 2018 primaries are August 7th, so you have until July 11th to register to vote. Up in Iowa, your 2018 primaries are June 5th, and you have until May 25th to register to vote.

If you aren't registered in Illinois yet, well, it's too late to vote in the primary. But make sure you register as soon as possible so you can vote in the general election in November.

Now go out and vote! Make your voice heard.

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