Sometimes we make decisions in life that have immediate consequences. An Iowa woman learned this recently when she picked up a traffic cone and regretted it almost immediately.

I have so many questions. Before I ask the obvious, here's what the video sharer had to say for themselves:

Sometimes you want to take a safety cone home, and sometimes you fall into the weeds instead.

I have to confess I didn't expect this result.

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The YouTube comments were as baffled as I was. Here are some favorite commentaries:

Glakhmed alAnzi - "I'm sure no alcohol was involved."

Live Free or Die - "Stupid is as stupid does"

andrea severino - "I didn't understand everything.😅❓"

My wife was born and raised in Iowa so I'll have to be careful what I say next are some fun facts about traffic cones that were shared by Cityworks:

  • There are approximately 140 million traffic cones in the world
  • Approximately 1 million traffic cones are stolen every year
  • There are NO traffic cones that need to be picked up by women in halter tops

I added that last one myself, but it's also a fact. The fact that this happened in Des Moines does not surprise me. I'd also like to hazard a guess that it happened last Friday or Saturday night. Things happen to decision making in Des Moines on Friday and Saturday nights...or so I'm told.

Just goes to prove the point that sometimes you make decisions and end up in the weeds.

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