I don't know what your favorite part of the Adams County Fair is, but if it's not the milkshake stand, you're wrong.  And, I mean that with all due respect to the Chris Cagle concert and all the wonderful 4H and FFA kids that will be at the fair also.  For my tastes (or lack thereof), the chocolate milkshakes at the Adams County Fair are practically their own food group.

This lady is also wrong.  The Adams County Fair Milkshake People should send their recipe to her and help her understand that "tofu" has no place in a milkshake.


"Tofu" has no place in a milkshake.

The moment anyone says "healthy" and "milkshake" in the same sentence they've lost me.  But, at least she used milk so credit where credit is due.

No, for the TRUE milkshake the way it was meant to be, you NEED to go to this year's Adams County Fair.  Please partake and enjoy.  My low-carb diet routine won't allow me the pleasure, but you shouldn't be denied the absolute best part of the Adams County Fair...their beloved chocolate milkshakes.

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