It's really hard in this day and (digital) age to find alone time. You're pretty much always near someone. Especially in a world where there's always someone poking you on Facebook. But, somehow, after our friend Dave Lee left for a new job,  I've managed to end up pretty much alone on KICK-FM.

The mind does weird things when it realizes it's "alone".  Or, at least mine does.  When my live radio show is over at 10am every day, I find myself lining up office equipment in alphabetical order.  (I'm really glad that "copier" starts with a "c" and doesn't have to move much)

I also spent a day pretending that I was having to protect our office building from a Russian invasion if the 1984 movie "Red Dawn" had come true.  WOLVERINES!

I appreciate that our pal, Kurt Parsons, has been kind enough to start filling in Dave's old show while we look for a replacement.  We are looking for a replacement, aren't we?!?  (*crickets*)  Otherwise, I'm gonna have to draw another face on the volleyball.

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