Who doesn't love a good trip to the zoo? You get to see wild animals, the kids run around and burn off extra energy. But like most things, the cost of a zoo trip can deter you from wanting to go. Now, the St. Louis Zoo is always free, with additional experiences and activities coming with a fee. But if you don't feel like dealing with St. Louis this summer, or the kids are burnt out on it, why not take a road trip out to Decatur's Scovill Zoo?

Every Thursday, now through October 4th, the Scovill Zoo is offering free admission! Now, if you want to go on the carousel, or take a trip on the Express Train around the zoo, there are still ticket prices associated, but you'll more than pay for them with the money you'll save on the ticket prices. And of course all the food and gift shop visits you'll be making.

Alright, I'm planning my trip to go see the reptile house. For more information you can visit the Scovill Zoo website. And stay up-to-date with with the zoo by following them on Facebook.

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