I am sure you use bridges every day to get to work, or take the kids to school. How much do you trust those bridges?

I am terrified when I cross a bridge. Whether it's a small one (those are the worst) or the Bayview Bridge I always grip the steering wheel as tight as I can until I am in the other side. After reading this report I might find another way to Missouri. A ranking of the National Bridge Inventory, which looks at all the brides in every state, has put Illinois, Missouri and Iowa in the Top 5 for having the most 'structurally deficient' bridges in the state. The NBI states that for a bridge to be considered 'structurally deficient" it has to have...

“one of the key elements (of the bridge) is in poor or worse condition.”


Missouri Ranks #5

With a total of 24,538 bridges in the entire state of Missouri, the state has 2,190 that are considered structurally deficient. That's 8.9% off all the bridges in the state have one key element in poor or worse condition. The worst bridge is located in St. Louis and is the IS 270 E over CST Conway Rd, and on average has over 196,000 daily crossings.

Illinois Ranks #3

Not surprised to see Illinois in the top 3, we all drive on the horrible roads and interstates. I am not shocked about the bridges. With 26,848 bridges in the state, 2,374 are structurally deficient. The worst bridge in Illinois I- 90,94 Elev Exp over Stewart Ave to 28 Pl in Cook County, Illinois. This bridge was built in 1964 and has over 214,000 daily crossings.

Iowa Ranks #1

As Illinois didn't surprise me, having Iowa ranked number one did. Iowa has 23,982 bridges, and out of those 4,571 are structurally deficient. Built in 1940 the Centennial Bridge is dubbed the worst in Iowa with 30,400 crossings daily. It may not have the traffic like Missouri and Illinois, but out of the three states it's the oldest bridge.

There is good news, in looking at all three states there are no bridges in the Tri-State area listed as structurally deficient. See, I told you good news.

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