If you love everything DC Comic Books, especially Superman, then you will want to make a visit to Metropolis, Illinois.

Just head south for about 4 1/2 hours and you will come across Superman's hometown (yes, I know it’s really Smallville) of Metropolis, Illinois. There you will find a 15 ft. tall, 4,000 pounds of red and blue muscles which is surrounded by over 1,200 personalized bricks. I have visited this place and it’s amazing, there is a Superman Museum that I am jealous of with so much Superman memorabilia, and DC fan would be envious of. It's one of the largest Superman collection in the world.

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Don't forget about Lois Lane, there is a statute done by artist Noel Neill that is two blocks from the giant Superman statue. Not quite as big as the Superman monument, the Lois Lane Statue stands 6 feet tall and is made of bronze and was constructed in 2010. 

The best time to visit the town of Metropolis is the second weekend of June, each year there is a Superman Celebration where hundreds if not thousands of Superman fans from all over the world gather in Metropolis. The celebrations feature celebrity guests from movies, television, and the comic book industry. This place is a Superman's dream, and take it from me, Superman is one of my favorite heroes and I was in love with the town. I didn't get to see the Lois Lane Statue it was not up when I visited, now I have a reason to go back.

The town is so in love with the Superman branding that even their local newspaper is called The Metropolis Planet, which was inspired by The Daily Planet, the fictional paper in the Superman comics and other Superman media.

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