Illinois has a new drinking law that involves train travel, and it went into effect immediately.

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According to our friends at KHQA (to read the article click here!) apparently Illinois passed a new law last week, that went into effect immediately, that now allows people in Illinois to Legally drink alcohol on Trains. It repealed the law called the "Railroad Intoxicating Liquor Act" which apparently was a thing. So now we can all legally have some drinks on your train commutes!

I am so glad that they officially got rid of this old, outdated, and unfollowed law. I had NO IDEA it was a law... Honestly one of the main differences about growing up in the Chicago suburbs, like I did, versus being downstate here in the Quincy area is that Trains are a part of your daily life in the suburbs and the city. I use to commute to Chicago from the suburbs on the Metra trains all the time and the first thing you do when you head back to the suburbs on a train is crack open a tall boy beer you bought at the train station in Chicago. Everyone drinks on the trains, drinking on the train is the way to pregame going to a Cubs game when you live in the suburbs. There were parties I went to called "Train Bar Hops" where you literally drink on the train get off at different stops and go into a bar until the next train comes in 45 mins. So thank you Illinois for passing a law to get rid of a law that no one followed or even knew existed.

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