This is not the sight you expect to see when you're cruising down an Illinois highway. A driver just dropped video of a helicopter landing on top of a semi-truck.

This just happened near Champaign, Illinois. Here's what the driver shared about this unique moment:

I was driving down the road and saw a helicopter landing on a truck and decided to record. Later to find out that they do this to spray insecticide on the crops.

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The driver is correct about the crop dusting theory. Another video was shared from Colorado showing just about the same thing happening. As it turns out, the whole "chopper landing on the truck" thing is fairly common.

There is even a thing known as an agricultural helicopter. It's obvious I need to get out of the house more to learn about things like this.

There you go. Next time you're driving down an Illinois highway and see a helicopter flying overhead, know that landing on a truck for the sake of the crops is always a possibility.

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