I have learned everything I need to know about life from Facebook. That's why I have realized that the secret to success is getting one million likes for something.  Recently, one million likes was tied to getting a puppy, fornication, among other things.  This one guy even got his sister to name her baby Megatron by getting one million likes.  So, I'm asking for one million Facebook likes for a very noble reason.

I promise if you this page gets one million likes on Facebook, I will make sure all of the other "one million like" pages on Facebook are deleted.  How's that for an offer?  Just one million likes for this page and you'll never see another stupid offer on Facebook.  Or, to put this in a Taylor Swift way...you will never ever have to see another One Million Like Facebook page....EVER!  Now, let's give that thumbs up button on Facebook a workout...and I'll begin the deleting...and maybe even get a puppy named Megatron.

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