The prison that once held some of America's most notorious criminals like John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck and Jake Blues will be partially converted into a haunted house for the 2018 Halloween season.

I know you're thinking it's way too early to start on with Halloween plans. It's literally Valentine's Day. Lent JUST now started. Halloween is so far off, there are at least 20 other holidays between now and then. Why even bring this up? Because Halloween is the king of holidays and it deserves year round respect. That's why.

Joliet prison, which slammed its doors for the last time back in 2002, will be reopened again by the Elgin based Evil Intentions company and conducting haunted tours through the facility, they announced via YouTube recently.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited for it. I love haunted houses. I love Halloween. I love being scared. Especially when they dive deep into the creeping dread of real life terrors, such as the ones committed by the former inmates at the Joliet Correctional Center.

Evil Intentions has created haunted houses that have been declared Best In Chicago, and Best In Illinois, so it's no hyperbole to say they really know their stuff when it comes to scaring the pants off of you. I can't wait, and I'll be sticking their website in my bookmarks to stay on top of any other details they announce over the next eight months.

Fingers crossed for a ghostly rendition of "Shake A Tail Feather."

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