It's one thing to hike a Missouri trail. It's yet another to do it at night. There's a growing trend of nocturnal adventures, but is it serene or Blair Witch Project?

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This is just one of the many videos I've come across where the hiking is done with only a flashlight to light the trail ahead of you. It's really becoming a popular activity trend.

He issued that as an open challenge and the responses were interesting. Here are just a few of the comments on his YouTube channel:

Walter Davis - "I love the woods at night."

Uniquely Amanda - "Sorta feels Blair witch very cool..."

D.M. Faas - "Either your the one with the ax or your being chased by him."

Hike it Baby (great site name, btw) has some tips for night hiking including one key one and that's to only hike areas you are very familiar with.

I understand the appeal. When you hike at night, you escape the heat of daytime and it's likely more quiet. The downside is that wildlife is more active at night (bears?) so you need to understand what you might run into (or away from).

Would you consider it relaxing or too much like a movie you saw in the late 90's?

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