As a songwriter, Hardy has heard his work on the radio plenty -- but, as an artist, he's only recently getting used to hearing his voice coming out of the speakers. The singer-songwriter released his debut single, "Rednecker," in 2019, after years of penning hits for, among others, Florida Georgia Line.

"Rednecker" reached the Top 30 on the country radio charts, so Hardy got to hear it on the radio a few times. However, he's got a particularly funny memory about the very first time he heard a radio station play the song.

Read on to hear Hardy's recollection of the big moment -- and how his drummer accidentally ruined it. (Not to worry, though: There's no real hard feelings about it.)

I was in Boston, and my drummer ruined it! Because [my record label rep] knew that it was about to play on the radio, so she texted my tour manager to turn it to that station, and, somehow, my tour manager had told my drummer.

I was kinda sittin' in the back, and I was like, "Oh, I think this station added the song. Turn it up, they might play "Rednecker."" And my drummer goes, "Yeah, they're playing it next. You didn't know?"

And so, the first time ever, he just completely ruined it. That moment is ruined for me forever. So, thanks, Jacob!

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