God sure does work in mysterious ways.  For one week after another the news of 2020 seemed to be getting worse with each and every day that passed.  Even with the expectation of opening things up in Illinois came news that the Coronavirus was not going away.

People just weren’t social distancing as needed to slow the spread of the virus. It is funny how humans behave.  “What you can’t see won’t hurt you” seemed to be the anthem of people out socializing. Yet, if they could see the threat, they would play by the rules.

So that brings me back to what God has done. It was a simple act that He did and I hope people are grateful for it. He brought us pleasure in such a small way, and by doing so He helped take our minds off of all the negative things going on in the world these days.  And what He did was to make it last a while too for all of us to enjoy.

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You see people got to do something that people love to do and that is root for the lonely underdog looking for love. If he finds it, and I am sure he will as he is very determined, God will accomplish what I believed He set out to do.  That is to help unite us as one, all pulling for the same thing.  For just a short time God removed the constant thoughts and worries of a virus, riots, looting or hatred.

In doing so, He made it fun for people to realize that “what you can see, can hurt you” and people paid attention by doing the right thing and loved every moment of it. They found what they were looking for and they social-distanced (at least at first) in respect of God’s gift.  God’s gift has moved on for others to enjoy, but will never be forgotten in this area. This gift of God has certainly united people in our area at a time when we could all use it.

Thank you God for giving us a gift of a lonely and love-able Black Bear named Bruno that we are all united in rooting for.


Bruno was exhausted from his long trek, the heat, fireworks and people and settled down in Wentzville, Missouri Sunday night.  There Zoo officials, Conservation personnel and Veterinarians determined he was exhausted and he was subsequently tranquilized and taken to an undisclosed location to rest and will be released to the wild at a later date.

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