Would you be willing to investigate an abandoned Illinois prison...at night? A paranormal team did that and one of their investigators was "attacked" in one of the rooms.

If you're not familiar with the old Joliet Prison, it hasn't been in active service for years...or has it? The history of this penitentiary is darkened by the awful things that happened within these walls over the decades. It was opened in 1858 and contained some of the most wicked criminals in Illinois history until 2002 as the official website documents.

The "Believe: A Paranormal Experience" ghost hunting team decided to take their gear within the walls of Joliet and described what happened like this:

A spirit attacks a ghost hunter inside of the Old Joliet State Prison's abandoned X-Ray room during a paranormal investigation.

NOTE: Their team does a lot of EVP work inside of the prison and the voices they capture are CREEPY.

Investigator - "Who was just standing in the doorway?"

Voice - "I feel burdened."

Inside the X-Ray Room

Investigator - "How many of you laid on this table?"

Voice - "One hundred."

Investigator - "Something just touched my hand, dude...what is your name?"

Voice - "Calvin"

If you watch until the end, it appears their equipment locks onto two anomalies. Just electrical interference from old wiring in the walls? Could be, or...

The Old Joliet Prison is considered one of the most haunted places in Illinois and incidents like this are one of the reasons why.

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