Say what you want about us guys, but sometimes we can be brilliant. Remember, I said "sometimes". One dude deserves mad props for solving the problem of his dog always wanting to look through his fence and it's amazing.

I have no idea where this guy lives, but his solution is perfection. If you have a dog and a fence, you understand the struggle is real. I had two Labrador Retrievers years ago and would have LOVED something like this.

The video of how he pulled it off is only :14 seconds long. If you have a dog, it likely will be your best 14 seconds on the internet today. Seriously. You'll soon understand why this is trending on Rumble and also on Digg today.

He added some additional nice touches like making it look like a ship hatch on the outside of the fence, but you'd have to think the cost to do this would be minimal. A little plexiglass, a small electric handsaw and some elbow grease and you're good to go.

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His quick how-to video immediately reminded me of another dog who went viral recently for jumping on top of his owner's fence to see who's on the other side.

You can't take the curiosity out of the dog, but you can make it easier for him to deal with the mystery of who's on the other side.

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