During his most recent Inside Studio G Facebook chat with fans, someone asked Garth Brooks what his kids think of his monumental career now that they're older.

The superstar famously walked away from his career in country music in 2000 to raise his daughters, Taylor, August and Allie. Brooks has no regrets about his decision to step away from music, saying, "There isn't anybody on this planet as a parent who wouldn't have made that same choice." He thanked his fans for allowing him his time with his family. "Thank you guys and God for the time I got to spend with my babies and being able to afford to."

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As far as what his daughters think about his career and his current massive world tour, Brooks laughs and admits that they aren't that impressed.

“What I love about my girls is they have never changed. I hope it's not that they're just not that fired up about the show," he says. "I think that they see me as their dad and I hope they always will."

He says his kids can take his success in stride because it's all they've ever known.

"Since they were babies, they went to school on the road. They have been inside and out of this. They learned to walk on a tour bus," Brooks adds. "This is their life. I don't think there's anything special [about] their dad when it comes to entertainment. I hope forever for them, I’m that guy that they can come to.”

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