In 2019, Eric Church scored a No. 1 song with "Some of It," from his Desperate Man album. Written by Church with Clint Daniels, Jeff Hyde and Bobby Pinson, the hit almost wasn't included on Church's 2018 album, however.

According to Pinson, Church came into the songwriting process part of the way through, after the writers decided it sounded like a song he might sing. Then, however, it took Church's wife Katherine, who has a background in music publishing, to convince the country star to include the song on Desperate Man. Read on for Pinson's account of the story behind "Some of It."

"Some of It" was was one of those songs that literally kind of fell out. We didn't have a title. It was just one of those things.

We wanted to write a song like some other songs that we had discussed -- like, "I want to say something that says something," you know? "I want to kind of break format a little bit," and just, the trick was to have an emotional song that wasn't about a particular emotion, it was just about particular vignettes that would cause an emotion in somebody. And though that sounds really tricky, it was just a bunch of people having lunch and writing something that it sounded cool, you know? It kind of fell out in big groups.

I was with two guys that I love, Jeff Hyde and Clint Daniels, and we got about half of the song written and Jeff was like, "We should call Eric on this and see if this feels like Eric and see if he thinks it feels like him as much as we do," 'cause sometimes we can get that wrong. But this is just one of those songs that really stuck its head out and really felt like something Eric would say.

Eric doesn't pull any punches and he doesn't mind 'em, either, so we though, "Man, if we can get him to lock onto this, he would be the guy to say this." And he had a lot to say, was really involved in the song and came in from the point we brought it to him.

We finished it, and it was odd because he was at the tail end of his project, the song wasn't gonna make the project, it didn't look like, and just by the gift of God, we got a phone call [that Church was going to include the song on Desperate Man]. His wife had been hounding him about loving this song and playing it for a bunch of people, and I think in that process of her saying, "Well, if you think the album's good, let me play you what didn't make the album," and Eric was part of that, of course, and he was like, "Man, maybe we need to take another crack at this song."

I just think it was God looking out for us and looking out for a very unique song that touched people, and I think it was something that people didn't know they needed to hear, and I'm proud to be a part of that.

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