On the eve of the 18th annual Bridal Expo, hosted at the Ambiance by our sister station Y101, I can't help but fondly recall the numerous weddings I've attended and participated in. From small, informal gatherings at a courthouse to large, beautiful events in historic venues, to the family's own backyard, there's something special in the air at each and every one.

What can I say? I'm a big softy who, on occasion, lets what humans call "emotions" and "feelings" shine through the usually gruff exterior. I'm all about having fun, being happy, and taking joy in life. And there are few better places to experience all of that than at a wedding.

I've attended weddings as a guest, as a groomsman and as an officiant. Never a groom, yet. I'm well aware of the stress and hard work and frustration that goes into making a wedding perfect. And it's gotta be perfect. The bride and groom are taking a day to celebrate their love for one another, and including the people they love, who are important to them, in that celebration.

That's the key, that's what's important on that day. That the bride & groom are celebrating their love for each other, and for the people in their lives. Whether you have 15 guests showing up or 150, it doesn't matter. It's your day to do with what you want. Celebrate how YOU want.

That's why I've always loved weddings. The celebration. The love. The joy. The happiness. I look forward to seeing all of that at the bridal expo tomorrow. If you haven't yet, there's still time to register!

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