I was at the gym the other day, and something kinda irked me. We're all there to get fitter, healthier, stronger, faster, buffer, whatever. And going at busy times of the day means we're going to bump into each others workouts. It's a fact of the gym. I get all that. That's understandable. However! Don't be the weird, creepy guy I encountered.

I hadn't been on the machine a ridiculously long amount of time. Neither was the woman on the other machine he stood over and waited for after me. We did normal, regular, reasonable workouts. It's just rude to do that. I get you want to do your work out. But so do I. And hovering over me just puts unnecessary pressure on the whole situation. And it's a little off-putting. If you're that hellbent and anxious to work out on specific machines in specific order at specific times, maybe go when the gym isn't that busy. But if you're going during peak times, you're gonna have to wait. Just don't do it hovering over other people trying to get their work out in.

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