One thing I love about my new hometown area, as I've come to know it over the past two years, is the endless amount of park space in both Quincy and Hannibal. Well... not endless, parks are a finite resource, but there sure are a lot of them to explore. And it's certainly difficult to hit every single one of them. That's why the Hannibal Parks and Recreation department has set up scavenger hunts to help you explore some of their parks.

Huckleberry Park - Hannibal
Google Maps

If you head to the Hannibal Parks website, on the Programs & Events page, then scroll all the way to the bottom, they've got scavenger hunts for you to complete as you explore Nipper Park, Huckleberry Park and Central Park. You just go to various places throughout the park, answer the questions like "Who is this tree dedicated to?" and "How many benches are there at this location?" Things you can only find out by going to the parks.

The best part? It's free to play, you can download the sheets right off the website. If you answer all the questions, you get a treat from a local business for completing them. Nipper Park's prize comes from Chocolaterie Stam, Central Park's from Big Muddy BBQ and Huckleberry's Logue's Restaurant. This is a perfect way to keep the kids occupied during the summer months.

Between this and the mermaid classes, Hannibal Parks is really embracing some pirate legends.

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