Darius Rucker's daughter, Dani, is trying on her father's boots — figuratively, that is. The 19-year-old kid of the country singer and Hootie & the Blowfish frontman uses her vocal chops to carry a new song produced by her dad.

It's called "I Don't Love You Like That," and it's a perfect ballad for summer.

The tune opens with gentle acoustic guitars and pedal steel draping Dani's harmonized coo before it blooms into a satisfying but bittersweet tearjerker. The shuffling country number — which sounds like it would be a hit at any hometown prom — also contains backing vocals from the elder Rucker.

Dani's take on "I Don't Love You Like That" emerged with Darius touting the family collaboration on Twitter. The song, first performed by the country band Jypsi, was written by Liz Rose and Stephanie Chapman.

As is the case with many recent songs, it also has roots in quarantine. Describing what led to the father-daughter collaboration, the Rucker patriarch reveals that the downtime provided the footbed for the track.

"Making the best of these stay at home orders & family time I decided to play around with my garage band and put on my producer hat," Darius Rucker shares. "With my daughter Dani back home from college, she joined on lead vocals. Thanks Lee Turner & Jeff Marino, my co-producers and the Carolina Grey Boys."

A musical knack certainly seems to run in the Rucker family.

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