Consumer electronics are a part of our everyday lives. Some items are more necessary than others. Washers, dryers, and cooking appliances are all something we use every day to perform useful functions. Others can be categorized as nonessential: robots, drones, or headsets that let you simulate a virtual reality. Every year the best and bizarre of consumer electronics come together for the Consumer Electronics Show. Where you can see the newest technology that is about to enter the market at prices seemingly no one can afford. Here's a look at what stood out from the show.

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge – For a paltry $5,000, you can be one of the first adopters for Samsung's latest foray into the world of refrigeration. You might be thinking that your current fridge is adequate enough – it keeps your food stored properly, but does your fridge have a 21.5 inch LCD touchscreen on the front? From this display you can order groceries, stream music, or even look at what compartments of your fridge are stocked through internal cameras.

The Segway Robot – Classified as a “personal transport device,” this device is a segway that you can ride that also functions as a robot that can be your personal assistant. This robot features a depth-sensing camera that has face recognition that allows it to track and follow the user at its command.

Lumenus: Smart Clothing – Here is some useful technology for runners. Lumenus is making running attire designed to help turn a barely noticeable jogger in the night into a light-show that can mimic the functions of a car. This smart clothing uses your phone and Google mapping data to light up your clothing at specific moments. When you're about to turn left on your route, the left side of your clothing will flash like blinkers on a car. At an intersection, Lumenus running equipment flashes its hazard lights. This new line of clothing will range from $100-$500.

Yuneec Typhoon H Drone - Drones are a great way to startle people in your neighborhood and capture aerial footage. Anyone who has ever used a consumer drone or has played around with a friend's knows that directing a drone can be troublesome. Yuneec is developing Intel collision avoidance add-on that will give the drone an awareness of its surroundings so it won't crash while airborne. The “first truly intelligent consumer drone” will retail for $1,799.

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