Craig Campbell tries on a more contemporary sound with his new single ‘Outta My Head,’ a song about getting over a lover who won’t leave you alone even though she hasn’t called in quite some time. By leaning away from traditional, the singer aims to please more fans than his last two singles — the edgy ‘Fish’ and a middle finger to bill collectors called ‘When I Get It’ — but the result is a nondescript, mid-tempo country song that could have been recorded by anyone at any time. 

The opening guitar lick is born from an late ’80s or early ’90s pop-rock song, perhaps something by Journey. The weeping fiddle helps build and sustain the melancholy mood needed for the story.

I rolled around long enough / With my windows down / Let that breeze roll in / Carry your perfume out / I took your number and / Messages off my phone / But you ain’t gone, ” he says in the first verse. Campbell proved with ‘Family Man’ and ‘Fish’ that he’s capable of capturing nuanced emotions required in various types of songs. In ‘Outta My Head,’ one never really feels his hurt. He doesn’t sell the story.

Wish I could close my eyes and / Not have to see you smiling / Yeah, yeah / Can’t get you outta my head / You’re dancin’ all around it / Girl you got me surrounded / Yeah, yeah / Can’t get you outta my head,” he sings during the catch chorus.

‘Outta My Head’ isn’t a bad song, it’s just bland. One hopes for more inspiring material on his upcoming sophomore album.

2.5 Stars

Listen to Craig Campbell, ‘Outta My Head’

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