I am not a fan of the circus. If you've seen one elephant jump through a flaming hoop held by iguanas...you've seen them all.

General Photographic Agency
General Photographic Agency

If I want to see animals, I know plenty of farmers that can show me what they've got. Some will even tell me hilarious stories about them. And all it will cost me is a six-pack.

With that said - I am not against the circus. Many families are entertained by the antics of the clowns and the animals. If they want to see that: fine, I'll stay home.

The reason I bring this up is that there are groups that try to prevent circuses from coming to town. Animal rights groups will start making phone calls to the civic personnel that is bring the show to town. I even saw a Chamber of Commerce get a bad rating from someone against the treatment of the animals at the circus, even though the Chamber had nothing to do with the circus coming to town. The Chamber just happen to be headquartered in the same building where the circus was to be held.

The point I am trying to make is: If a circus is doing anything ILLEGAL in the way they treat the animals, then the attacks from animal rights groups should be made to the circus itself - not to the civic body that, in good faith, is trying to bring entertainment and revenue to their community.

The biggest thing that aggravates me about the circuses that come through the area is when they post their flyers all over abandoned store fronts. These things are an eyesore when they are new, and just get worse as months go by.

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