Chris Young's "I Can Take It From There," a 2012 single from his Neon album, became a Top 5 hit for the country star, but the singer says it's his co-writers who deserve much of the credit for the successful song. Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip helped Young co-wrote the track, and, in fact, Young admits, it was Hayslip who contributed the idea.

Below, Young shares the story behind "I Can Take It From There" in his own words.

I had no idea that day walking in; I had nothing. It was actually Ben's idea: He was like, "What do you think of something like this?" I said, "I don't really have something like that for the record."

I think we wrote it in about an hour and went to lunch. It was a really simple day.

I found that the majority of the stuff I'm putting on a record doesn't take all day. We all like the idea, and we've got the right melody for the idea. [When] it's all marrying correctly, it falls out pretty quick. It might get stumped on a line here or there, really trying to hammer out what the best way is to say it, but most of the time, that's how it happens. If we've got the idea and everybody's on the same track, it falls out pretty quick.

This story was originally written by Gayle Thompson, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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