Chris Janson pops the top on a feel-good singalong with "Waitin' on 5." The song was written with blue-collar American workers in mind, and its message is simple: There's nothing better than winding down on a Friday and starting off the weekend with a cold beverage (or six).

This singer is no stranger to putting out up-tempo odes to the working man: His breakout hit was 2015's "Buy Me a Boat," and since then, he's been able to bring a level of perspective and authenticity to the subject matter that few other artists can match. In fact, the music video for "Waitin' on 5" is so personal and specific that it stars Janson's real-life family members. The clip, which was filmed in a socially-distanced shoot in Greenbriar, Tenn., features his father and his father-in-law. Janson's dad plays the role of an auto body painter, which also happens to be his job in real life.

"Waitin' on 5" is headed to country radio on the heels of "Done," Janson's previous single, which became the singer's first-ever No. 1 hit to stay at the top of the chart for several weeks.

Did You Know?: Even though Janson is a successful artist, he's still an avid songwriter who continues to pen hits for other acts. He's credited as a writer behind Tim McGraw's "Truck Year" and LoCash's "I Love This Life," to name a couple.

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Chris Janson's "Waitin' on 5" Lyrics:

Underneath a car, turning on a wrench / Out there on the farm fixing that fence / It's like watching your team while you sit on that bench / Waitin' on 5 to start on 6 / Out in the sun or in the AC / Two hours left when the hands hit 3 / If you're wantin' overtime, well sorry, I'm sick / Waitin' on 5 to start on 6...


Everybody watching that tick tock tick / The slower it goes, the closer it gets / We'll be cracking and a-poppin' and a-givin' it a twist / Waitin' on 5 to start on 6 / Hey hey, alright / Yeah, we're gonna have a little party tonight / Hey hey, alright / Sipping and kissing somebody tonight

Sunday night comes and I'm getting depressed / Monday morning blues and my head is a mess / Friday rolls around and I'm gettin' that itch / Waitin' on 5 to start on 6...

Repeat Chorus

I'd rather dig in a cooler, man, than dig in a ditch / I'm sick and damn tired of being somebody's b-tch / I've been workin' all day, 'bout time to quit / Waitin' on 5 to start on 6...

Repeat Chorus

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