Imagine this. You're eating at a restaurant when suddenly you realize that a squirrel outside has a cookie way bigger than you have. That's exactly what happened at an Illinois Chipotle recently.

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This happened in Schaumburg, Illinois on Monday of this week. Here's what the shocked diner had to say for what they witnessed:

I was eating at Chipotle and saw a squirrel in the bush right in front of me. I started to record the squirrel and as soon as I did, it reached down and pulled an entire cookie out of the bush and ran away.

Just look at the huge cookie this squirrel scored for himself.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Chipotle doesn't offer chocolate chip cookies, do they? I checked the menu and can't find any available. If that's the case, that means this squirrel was kind of taunting the people eating at Chipotle...kind of like "hey, look what I have that you don't". I'm not a squirrel whisperer, but that's what I'm imagining.

Oh, and that's one MASSIVE cookie you've scored there Rocky. Well played, squirrel. Well played.

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