A few months ago, abandoned mansions in the Ozarks went viral on TikTok. Now, explorers have captured video of what's inside this extremely weird housing development.

Riverfront Times was just one of the media outlets that reported on the uproar about the Indian Ridge Resort near Branson that became all the rage on TikTok. It even led to a sheriff in the area warning people to not come down to see what's going on since it's private property.

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Before the authorities started restricting access to the area, 2 very popular YouTube explorers took their cameras to Indian Ridge Resort to show what's really inside them.

The reports say that construction on the mansions began back in 2006, but the housing crisis of 2008 caused them to not be completed. Several of the developers reportedly went to prison due to EPA violations of the Clean Water Act among other things.

It gets even better. KSDK shared a story indicating that many think these mansions are haunted.

The comments on the YouTube share of the inside of these mansions are interesting. Many criticized the kitchen designs and the lack of tall ceilings with several saying they thought the mansions looked bigger on the outside than they really do on the inside.

It's shocking that this development cost upward of $1.6 billion dollars yet still sit vacant. Now that they've become internet famous, you'd think someone would figure out how to complete the work and make some real money on it. Until then, it's just another mysterious part of Missouri.

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