I promise not to recap every Spring Training game on here, but I really didn’t want to miss an opportunity to write that as a headline. Spring Training games, although mostly uninteresting, do sometimes offer up the chance to see something you’ve never seen before. Heck, a game a couple weeks ago was delayed due to a car in the right field fence.

And while today’s split squad games didn’t offer any highlight reel bloopers to that effect, they did offer a bizarre statistical anomaly of both squads finishing with identical scores: a win against the Marlins at home and a simultaneous loss against the Nationals on the road. Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha picked up his first win of the spring while Cardinals pitcher Ryan Sherriff picked up his first loss of the spring. Cardinals are now 10-10 on the season which means pretty much nothing at all.

Cardinal Scores

I don’t do college basketball, people. I pretty much feed off these little baseball nuggets until Opening Day gets here which now less than two weeks away. Oh, and we pick tacos too sometimes.

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