Sometimes it's fun to fantasize about things I can't afford. If I'm being honest, that includes things like brand name macaroni. But, it definitely includes the car you see pictured above. This is the 2012 Bugatti. If you're not a car person (shame!), this is one of if not the fastest cars in the world.

Fox reported that Bugatti is planning a 288 mph version of their 2012 model called the "Superveyron".  I don't know what that means but I bet it's Italian for "I want one".  Here's what had to say about this monster:

At 3527 pounds, the limited-edition Veyron for the super mad and the super rich achieves a dream power-to-weight ratio of one kg (2.2 pounds) per hp. Expect essentially the same tub but completely new front and rear ends with even more sophisticated active aerodynamics. The price? In excess of $2.5 million.

Which reminds you have $2,499,999 that I can borrow?  Dang.  Oh well.  Back to my 1976 Pacer Hatchback.

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