One of my favorite comedians likes to joke about everyone talking about their love of hiking online. If you really do like to get out and really do hiking, you should know about Buford Mountain in Missouri. It's a rocky hike, but has a sweet view as a payoff at the end. Oh, and it's an old volcano.

Two ladies recently hiked Buford Mountain a few days ago and shared their experience including a quick description of the length, etc.

Buford Mountain trail is about a 9 mile loop trail. We did the loop clocks wise and camped at the bald knob.

The first part of the hike doesn't look like anything special, but wait until you see the view at the top. I'll get to the volcano part in a moment.

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One of the reasons I share this is it's an easy day trip from our part of Missouri.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

The Missouri Department of Conservation added a curious detail about Buford Mountain. I'll share their exact words so you know I'm not making it up:

Most of the mountain is hardened by granite known as Rhyolite, which serves as a testament to the area's volcanic past.

I put my favorite words in bold because they're saying it's part of an old volcano? Sure enough. It's true. Scholastic confirms that the Saint Francis Mountains part of Missouri is an ancient volcano as in "kaboom".

Don't worry. It's probably not active anymore. Enjoy the view...while you can.

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