Brett Young is set to release his second studio album before 2018 comes to a close. The follow-up to his eponymous 2017 debut album promises to take a playful turn, full of Young's trademark romance with a little more flirt this time around. The album draws on the native Californian's history with the West Coast, after several years immersed in the Nashville country music scene.

“It’s been four and a half years that I’ve been in Nashville,” Young says in a press release. “A lot has happened, the first record has been really good to me, and I’m really, really proud of it. But just having a new batch of songs -- it’s like breathing new life almost.”

Below, The Boot has gathered up all of the info we've got on Ticket to L.A. Read on for the details.

The Title

The album's title, Ticket to L.A., Young says, was inspired by frequent trips back home to California, where he lived and worked prior to moving to Nashville four years ago.

“I decided to name the album Ticket to L.A. because flying home to Los Angeles has become such a big part of my life,” Young explains. “A lot of the first record reflected a kind of hard point in my life when I was moving from Los Angeles to Nashville, but I’m in a completely different place now. I’m so happy, and I think you can really hear that shift on the new record."

The Release Date

Ticket to L.A. is set for release on Dec. 7, but it can be pre-ordered online now in digital format and special limited edition bundles that include a choice of a California (lemon and poppy)- or Tennessee (whiskey)-scented candle.

The Record Label

Young signed with Big Machine Label Group in 2015 and will release his sophomore album with that label.

The Album Cover

Brett Young Ticket to LA

The album cover for Ticket to L.A. features Young against the backdrop of a California coastline, looking appropriately beach-y and wind-blown.

The Producers

Young worked once again with producer Dann Huff and executive producer Jimmy Harnen for Ticket to L.A. He also tapped into the talents of engineer / mixer Justin Niebank for his new album.

The Single

"Here Tonight" is Young's first single from Ticket to L.A. It dropped on Sept. 14.

If ever I get lost in your eyes tonight / Please just let me stay right there a little bit longer / Underneath the stars, we are on fire / And I don't want to go / If you don't want to go ..." the first verse opens gently, before moving into a crashing chorus. "We’re just one kiss away from heaven / So, baby, hold on tight / 'Cause I want to be wrapped up in your love / So, baby, let’s just stay here tonight ..."

Young co-wrote "Here Tonight" along with Ben Caver, Justin Ebach and Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley.

The Songs

Young had a hand in writing 10 of the 13 tracks on Ticket to L.A., along with songwriting greats Shane McAnallyHillary Lindsey, Charles Kelley and more. There is also one collaboration on Ticket to L.A.: a duet with pop artist Gavin DeGraw, whom Young has not been shy about calling his idol. DeGraw also co-wrote the song, which is titled "Chapters."

"The happy coincidence is that the third chapter of my story is music, and that's Gavin's story, too," notes Young, who adds that DeGraw agreed to write with him as long as they wrote Young's story rather than a love song. "So the writing process was a blast. We got to bring in [co-writer] Ross Copperman, who's a huge Gavin fan as well. And on top of getting to write with him, getting to feature him on the record -- it was all pretty special."

The artist promises a mix of "SoCal charisma and Music City soul" on his newest project, connecting the dots between both of the places that Young considers home. He says that while the album will reflect the trademark romantic croon that has won him four No. 1 hits, the new songs "Catch" and "Change Your Name" are two tracks that will take a fun and upbeat turn, which Young describes as "flirtatious." Young also calls the final track, "Don't Wanna Write This Song," this project's "Mercy."

Brett Young, Ticket to L.A. Track Listing:

1. “Ticket to L.A.” (Brett Young, Zach Crowell, Jon Nite)
2. “Here Tonight” (Young, Ben Caver, Justin Ebach, Charles Kelley)
3. “Catch” (Young, Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley)
4. “1-2-3-Mississippi” (Young, Ebach, Nite)
5. “Let It Be Mine” (Copperman, Shane McAnally, Nite)
6. “Where You Want Me” (Young, Jessie Jo Dillon, McAnally)
7. “Used to Missin’ You” (Young, Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
8. “Change Your Name” (Copperman, Matt Jenkins, Nite)
9. “Chapters” (Feat. Gavin DeGraw) (Young, Copperman, Gavin DeGraw)
10. “The Ship and the Bottle” (Nicolle Galyon, Chase McGill, Nite)
11. “Reason to Stay” (Young, Nite, Robbins, Emily Warren)
12. “Runnin’ Away From Home” (Young, Crowell, Hillary Lindsey)
13. “Don’t Wanna Write This Song” (Young, Crowell, Sean McConnell)

The Tour

Young is the headliner for CMT on Tour: Here Tonight this fall. Tckets and a full schedule are available on his website.

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