These are difficult times, and Blake Shelton is doing what he can to lift spirits as the nation battles the coronavirus. His girlfriend Gwen Stefani is on board, too — in fact, she may be driving his decision to bring back his mullet.

He's talked about it before. In fact, it wasn't two months ago that Shelton told CBS's Gayle King, "Kind of feeling like maybe it’s time for me to bring mine back. I’m not a trend-setter ... but I don’t mind jumping in on a trend like that."

The pop star looked to be a fan of the 43-year-old's early century look, and a recent tweet by Shelton makes clear they're all in. "I am growing the mullet back as a symbol of hope or some s--t like that," he tweeted on Tuesday morning (March 17). "Anyway it's coming back! For real. Stay tuned."

It's Twitter official now, so it has to happen, right?

If you're new here, Shelton sported a glorious mullet during the first five years of his career before he started to shorten it. You can see his hair transition below, but he goes from a curly mullet to a short bob and then eventually, as he gets married and scores a prime television gig on The Voice, a more professional haircut.

Response to Shelton's proclamation was warm, with most people showing a true appreciation for his neck warmer and the rest angry because they thought he was announcing that he and Stefani were going to get married. That will have to wait, it seems.

Shelton's Friends and Heroes Tour was among the many tours postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus. He's still appearing on the Voice on NBC, but those shows were taped prior to the pandemic reached the United States. Live shows of the reality singing show are slated to begin in early April.

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