The first time I watched this security camera video captured in a Missouri backyard, I was convinced it was an airplane. Now, I'm pretty sure it's not after I learned that it appeared in nearly the same place twice.

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Melissa Bates shared this interesting short video on YouTube with this backstory:

This was recorded in my friend's backyard. a few nights later we saw the same thing and watched it for about an hour come in and out of view. There is no sound but it does move with intent it seems. Still don't have a clue what it is.

What's interesting about Melissa's video is that the object appears to strobe as it gets closer to the camera. That's what first made me believe it was just a plane. However, after a short time, you'll see it go behind the trees, get brighter and then appear again.

It's also worth noting that the timestamp shows this happened at 12:34am which is a strange time for a small aircraft to be overhead. It's also not a meteor since it changes trajectory slightly. The fact that they witnessed it twice also removes that as a possibility.

What is it? I have no idea. It doesn't appear conventional to me so I'd classify it as an unidentified flying object. Doesn't mean it's E.T.. Just means it's nothing I can explain based on aircraft behavior I've seen before.

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